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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Feeling Festive

Last year, Adam and I were just closing on our house and decided to take a last minute cruise over actual Christmas. We didn't decorate one bit for the holidays! Adam gave me several decorations from Anthropologie while we were on the cruise, but sadly I had to come home and put my pretty new things away. Well this year, I was so happy to see all the cute things he had got me!

I also made our stockings this year. I bought the felt fabric last year, but never got around to making them. I think they're adorable and sooo inexpensive. I just bought a little felt, ribbon, bells and sequins. Then I got a stocking from the Dollar Store to use as a pattern. A little sewing and little hot glue and they're all done! I made them to match the colors already in my living room. I will probably add our names on them, but I was too antsy to get them up!

Don't mind some of the dying flowers!
I saw this sign last year on Anthro and was so excited when Adam got it for me for Christmas!

I think we went a little overboard on ornaments. But we were having so much fun! Plus, we only have 4 non-ball ornaments. I think perhaps we were overcompensating. I just love trees decorated with love.
My peacock tree skirt! I love it!


Marcel Kristina and lil' Cohen said...

i love how unique your style is!!! you are so creative and very very inspirational!!! hope you and baby are doing well!!! have you guys picked a name?!

Nicole said...

ok, so i LOVE the decorations... and photography them, of course. AWESOME! i wish i could see your house in the flesh. it looks like something I'd love to live in.

Michelle said...

I totally need you to come and decorate my house...when i get one. Or at least make mood boards for me and tell me what to do. :)

You are amazing.

Love you my darling friend.

Let me know when your baby shower is in Utah. I'll make sure to get a gift up there for you.

Toddica said...

Bri..Your house always looks amazing. You have such great taste. Everything looks great!!

felonymelanie said...

beautiful!! Love the pics and the decorations. Someday I will pay you to come decorate my house.

Orange Juice said...

What a gorgeous job! Super creative and beautiful!

Bri said...

Thanks everyone! Adam and I laughed, because we realized after looking at these pictures that we still had our creepy orange Halloween skeleton up. He wanted me to let you all know, it has since been taken down!