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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Like I Said...

...I'm a little behind. But here's to catching up! Adam and I celebrated our anniversary a few days early out here in Miami. We stayed in a lovely hotel in Coconut Grove. (highly recommend this town!) Happy Belated Anniversary to us! Here's to a million more!

We finally got our own copies of the magazine our feet were in (twice)! Parents: If you want it, get it quick. I think it's going off the stands soon. You can find it at Barnes and Noble or other book stores. Or see it on PDN's website.

{Image borrowed from Leo }

Happy belated Mother's Day to my Mom, Martha, Grandma 'Cisco and Grandma Dee and all the other mothers (and future mothers)!
I think that brings me back up to today. Now I can show you things I've been working on and things I've been finding!
{All images, as usual, thanks to the awesome J. Canlas, unless noted}


Heather said...

Your wedding photos are AMAZING! I think I saw them on Jonathan Canlas' blog a while back. Loved your wedding colors, the dress...everything! You have some serious style! Tell Adam I said hello (He'll know me as Heather Norton).

Stacy said...

i LOVE your wedding dress, seriously, its amazing and I can't even see the whole thing!

Michelle said...

Bri you are Amazing!!! Miami is AWESOME you are seriously going to love it there. It's hot and very very humid but I love Miami/Florida. Just beware of the Alligators and going through the everglades, very creepy incest kinda people and crazy savage tribes. Kidding... but, no seriously. *eyebrow raise with stare* Key West and Key Largo are awesome. Make sure to get some of that awesome Key Lime Pie if you go to the keys. Oh, in Fort Lauderdale there is a GINORMOUS Mall. It's like 6 giant malls in one. And You have.....DISNEY WORLD!!! but up in Orlando. Yeah!

Love you my darling!

Shawn said...

Congratulations on being married a whole year! I hope you're having a great time in Florida. So you said that someone stole your Brian Reagan DVD a while back... That's so sad. :( Question. Was it "I walked on the Moon" and did you happen to bring it to my old house to watch it with one of my roommates? Cuz when I moved out, no one claimed it, and I took it. :) If it's yours, I'll gladly return it to you.