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Thursday, May 14, 2009


After seeing a post on Oh Happy Day about Katie Did's dresses for her daughters, I checked out her site. I would like this dress for me and for my future daughter. The back buttons, the sleeves...swoon.
The rest of her site is filled with more of the most darling outfits for her daughters.

My next dresses come from Shabby Apple. I'm posting these for two reasons: 1) I love the dresses 2) My very good friend Michelle happened to photograph these pictures for their site! Way to go Michelle!

Lastly, I found this dress on Etsy, in Marie'sVintageShop. She has tons of vintage apparel and accessories. The plus side about her site: the shoes come in various sizes NOT just size 6! I always have the hardest time with vintage shoes being too small!
I think this would be a cute pregnancy dress!
(not an announcement)

I might die of heat out here if I wore this 70's sweater dress, but I sure do love it anyway.