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Monday, May 4, 2009


I am over a week behind in posting. With graduation weekend, moving to Florida for the summer, celebrating our anniversary, not having internet and getting settled, you can see why I haven't posted just yet. I'll start with graduation pics. Now, my cap and gown pics did NOT turn out...someone was messing with my camera! But I made up for it with cute pics of everyone else! The weekend was such a blast and I was so glad everyone came out.

Note: I probably should have uploaded these to Photobucket so the quality would be a bit better.
Oh well.


jamie said...

BRI! I'm so loving these photos! You are quite the photographer! I'm sad you guys are gone, but so glad we were able to spend time with you before you left! I love love love the pics of ava on the steps!

Orange Juice said...

You are a great photographer! How fun! How is florida?

Exteena said...

I'm loving the new blog design miss! I meant to say so when you first changed it but I am a slacker and haven't said a thing about it!And these pictures are amazing!!!!!!!