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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cutting It Short

So update: Adam and I are back, together, in Provo...sleeping on a twin air mattress. And we love it! Things I have failed to mention recently.

1. Kristina and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance tour in SLC. I'm going to be completely honest when I say it was one of the best shows I've ever been to. It was so much fun and even better in person than on the show. I have never even watched the show until this year...but the girls from St. Louis got me hooked on it...among other things. Kristina and I randomly decided to look for tickets on eBay and managed to score 14th row for $15 each, while everyone one else was paying upwards of $80 each! Wahoo!

Here we are before the show. Unfortunately we were under the impression we couldn't bring in a camera, or else we would have a picture of us with the huge Snuggle bear.

In case you haven't seen this...

I don't know if I love this dance more or the song!?

2. I had a really great birthday! Adam flew in and I got to see him for the whole weekend. He did an excellent job with birthday presents. I was very impressed...he knows me well! We also got to spend time with his family in Spring City. Yay for family nearby! Here is a picture of one of my presents.

This is a Diana F+. It is actually a toy camera but takes really cool photos (like the one in our header that Jonathan took). I love it!

3. I chopped my hair. After having the SAME hair forever, I decided to do something different. My cute preggo friend Jess cut it and she did a most excellent job! My hair was so dang long, I think I may have chopped off half of my hair. But I like it a lot. It's a fun change!

Listen, I don't have any real pictures yet. Only these lame PhotoBooth pictures that I sent to Adam so he could see.

And a classic Bri face in case you've missed it:


Angie said...

Save me from my ignorance. Read my last post and comment. Here's the link:


Angie said...

Hey we don't have your phone numbers anymore because Mark lost all the info on his phone. Why don't you call him so we have it. Btw we're going tonight to a haunted house if you guys want to come. We're going with a group of people. It's going to be fun I think but I'm a little scared. I heard that it's pretty bad this year. I'm going to wear a diaper just in case.

Amberlie and Anthony said...

Bri, you are so dang pretty, and I love your hair!

sorichfamily said...

hi bri! i love the new do! very cute on you! i think that is how i remember the length of your hair being the last time i saw you...so, that was forever ago!

hope all is well and that you are having fun being a married lady! i loved all your wedding pics...everything was so wonderful to see! and i love jonathan's photos...how fun to have him do your wedding...i WISH!!

enjoy your camera...and happy birthday!

love, lara (smith) sorich!

Exteena said...

Briye Guy. I seriously look like Samara in one of your pics. The one in my room. scary larry