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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not That Coolpix

I almost don't want to post these pictures because they are awful, but I will for my family! My nice camera needs repair and so we're left with our point-and-shoot, which really isn't doing it for me these days. Blech...But hopefully my camera will be back and running ASAP so I can actually have some good pictures of this pregnancy.

I realized that these pictures make it appear as if nothing is there. I'm not sure how that happened because I think it's noticeable now! In other exciting news, I started feeling "her" move and kick around. It makes it much more real!

Here are the first 2 outfits we got when we found out it was a "girl".

Since she's a Valentine's baby and all...


Nicole said...

love the outfits! girls are much more fun to dress.

{Erica} said...

That floral romper is super cute! I want to buy it and I am not even pregnant!