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Thursday, April 16, 2009

EDITED: Sawyer: The Flying Puppy

EDIT: Well, for any of you who check my blog at 8 am, the pictures were not quite right. I set them up to be big, but forgot to set the specifics. This should look better!!

The title of this post is inspired from that really old show Gidget: The Flying Nun. What a strange show!

Adam likes to toss our puppy, much like you would a little toddler. Sawyer doesn't hate it, but I can't really tell if he loves it either. But Adam sure loves it!

This picture is from Easter in Spring City.

We had to do a quick little photoshoot on Monday. I made some graduation announcements and needed a recent pic of me taken. I also shot a photo of Adam and Sawyer.


Exteena said...

This is hilarious, and you know why Bri!

Jami said...

Please tell me that 2nd one is a joke. That dog is 20 feet in the air!

Anonymous said...

so cute and crazy!

Alex said...

Just blog browsing! Totally I know that place of Spring City. Looked too familiar when passing through your site!