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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This Easter, Adam, Kristina and I went down to Spring City to hang out with Jamie, Ashley and the kids. The weather was great (it's not great now!) The day included blowing bubbles, kite-flying, yummy dinner and pirate tales! Here are some pics to document the day:

Later in the evening, after Ava had passed out on the floor, Ollie put on a little show for us. After discovering a toy we brought that resembled a periscope, Ollie picked up his pirate hat.

(Ollie is checking himself out in the mirror)
Adam: How do you look Ollie?
Ollie: Pirate-y!

I agree.

Ollie then proceeded to tell us a wonderful and creative story about a pirate and a group of bad soldiers. He even took a bow when he was done!


jamie said...

I love it! You can document my kids childhood instead of me!

Bri said...

In that running picture, ollie looks like an amputee!