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Friday, March 20, 2009


These are things I am loving right now...These books. I've seen them everywhere in blog world, but I just think they're lovely and would love to put them on my bookshelf that isn't finished yet. Maybe if I had them I would feel the motivation to paint that said bookshelf?! You can find them for very cheap here. (p.s. they're even cheaper than listed because that's Canadian money.)

{Found via decor8}
I love this frame clock. I don't even really know where I'd put this. Okay well, I may have an idea or two, but I just think it is so adorable. $65 including the frames and the arm pieces from here.

I also think this is the cutest swimsuit from Vicky's, HOWEVER, I have never had luck with them for a) sizing b) getting my order right c) getting anything on time when it was expected.

Stay tuned. I will finally be putting up before and afters of my house and some of my projects. I will also hopefully be revamping this blog as soon as I can get my Photoshop to cooperate.


Exteena said...

aww Briye guy you should get the books! I just made my dad order those last week because I have been obsessed too. I now check the mail daily in hopes of them arriving.

Anonymous said...

"paint that said bookshelf?!" I don't think that makes a ton of sense baby.

Anonymous said...

I think it makes perfect sense. if she had the books to put on the bookshelf it would give her incentive to paint that shelf. any more clearer? maybe some commas could have been included, but come on?

Bri said...

It's a phrase silly Adam. You mention something, and then your following phrase refers to what you mentioned using the terms "that said _____". In this case, it was a bookshelf. I had previously mentioned it and I was referring back to it. It's kind of like using the word "aforementioned".

Two years AP English. Just saying...

Stacy said...

cute, cute, cute! your house is darling by the way...did i tell you that?