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Monday, June 16, 2008

To Make You More Jealous...

Getting ready to eat the most yummy dinner! I was honestly worried about the quality of the food that we were going to be eating before we got there. However, I had NOTHING to worry about. Each dinner was a 3 course meal and was so delicious. I had the best dessert of my whole life...and anyone who knows me understands how much I LOVE dessert!
Adam and I were guest stars of the show. We got to go up and dance at the restaraunt.
Yes, these are real flowers.

This is actually a pineapple field. They go on for miles on Moorea. Our guide picked a pineapple right out of the field and fed it to us. It was one of the best pineapples I've ever had!

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Morgan said...

Where was your coconut bra?